Sustainability in Dehong丨Dehong Beijing

At Dehong, we have the unique responsibility to help students to love the planet we live on.

We believe that sustainable development has a positive impact on the natural environment and human society. Small changes in everyone's lives can really affect and improve the global environment.

In order to let the children understand how to influence and change the environment around them through action, Dehong integrates the concept of sustainability into the curriculum and daily life.

We offer students a variety of opportunities to perceive the meaning of sustainability.

The campus design incorporates elements of biodiversity;overlooking the sparkling lake and surrounded by lush green trees alongside fun-filled recreational facilities. You can see the fruits and vegetation change through the four seasons, and enjoy the cute visitors such as butterflies and bees attracted by flowers.

The concept of sustainable development runs through the curriculum. Every Wednesday, each grade participates in the “sustainability” project for the whole afternoon. Students will truly realize how to influence the environment around them through their own actions. Learning waste sorting methods,  making compost, creating water-saving messages, and collecting fallen leaves and pine cones on campus are all intuitive experiences that students experience through a sustainability curriculum.

In order to create a safe and sustainable future for students, Dehong has set many goals including:

  • Saying no to single use plastics;
  • Reuse + recycle books, paper & clothes;
  • Monitor, reduce & recycle food waste clothes;
  • Save water & turn lights off......

Small actions can also change the world.

At Dehong, everyone has many opportunities to participate in a variety of sustainable activities. Teachers and students have already become the communicators and practitioners of “sustainability”.