Sports are an essential part of the outstanding holistic curriculum we offer in Dehong schools. Through participating in a wide range of different sports Dehong students learn many skills for school and beyond, including teamwork, respect for others, self-discipline and the ability to follow rules. In this digital age, regular participation in sports is not only exciting and fun, but research shows that it promotes emotional wellbeing and health and fitness, supporting students as they engage in all kinds of learning.

Dehong students take part in many competitions, learning first-hand about leadership, resilience and how to challenge themselves further than they ever imagined they could. All this, without neglecting true sportsmanship, because at Dehong Education we believe that students should celebrate success and learn how to lose with grace, dignity and humility. These values reflect the kind of person we want each student to become.

Students in Dehong participate regularly in group wide events alongside students from our sister schools in The Dulwich College International family of schools. One of the most important events is the Dulwich Olympiad, a large-scale sports and arts competition which takes place every four years. Our founding school in London, Dulwich College hosted the Dulwich Olympiad in March 2019.

In Dehong's enrichment programme, Qidi, our students learn about and participate in Chinese sports and those from other cultures, including Taekwondo, martial arts, golf, fencing, swimming, ball games. Through sports, we are building bridges to the world.

The group's strong commitment to sports can be seen in Dehong's world class facilities, both in our existing school and in the two new campuses, where the work started in 2019. Sports at our International School.