Harvest in Golden Autumn丨Dehong Beijing

Golden Autumn is coming, Let's see what special gains do the children have harvested! 

The Vegetables Picked by Hand is the Sweetest

The vegetables planted in the school are finally ripe!

Under the guidance of the principal and the teachers, the children rushed to pick up fresh organic vegetables. Some children happily picked up golden pumpkins, while others bent over to observe the shape of the eggplant. The whole process was filled with laughter. Students were not only close to nature while exploring plants, but also closely experienced the growth process of plants. After the harvest, they transported the vegetables to the cafeteria, and are looking forward to tasting the dishes made of their own labor the next day.

The School's Forest is Guarded by Us

In the afternoon, a different group of children became the guardians of the forest.

Students and parents picked up the garbage scattered in the forest. The students were definitely not playing. They carefully searched in the grass and the bank of the river. Some students even found glass bottles buried in the soil. As bags became fuller, the forest became cleaner, everyone was happy.

Parent Testimony

I think this activity is very meaningful! As a school with strategic vision, Dehong has “sustainablity” courses on every Wednesday's afternnon to do related learning and discussion. This is the first time I have seen a school devoting to design a practical and targetd course to do this. The clean forest activity is a practical action to let children protect the environment by a simple and practical action, and make them realize that protecting the environment can just start from small things.