Dehong International Chinese Schools Proudly Unveil New Logo

June 19 2024 – The Dehong International Chinese Schools are proud to announce the unveiling of the new logos for its three schools, marking the beginning of a new chapter for the provider of excellence in holistic and bilingual education rooted in Chinese heritage. 

The Dehong logo represents the brand’s unwavering mission to offer the best of both international and Chinese education, fostering a student-centric environment that enables its students to make a positive difference in China and the world. Over the years, Dehong has achieved remarkable development, and the new logo serves to represent Dehong's establishment as a mature and confident school brand. The Dehong Schools will continue to offer a bilingual programme enhanced with international holistic education and innovation, creating international pathways leading to top post-secondary institutions across the world.

The new logo combines visual elements and cues from both Dehong and its sister schools of Dulwich College International. Featured at the heart of the new logo is the Dehong crest, a bespoke design embodying the values of bilingual education and the bond with its sister schools in the global network of Dulwich College International (DCI) schools. Dehong Schools, together with its sister schools Dulwich College International schools, draw on the same shared resources and "One Family of Schools" philosophy to empower the next generation of changemakers. 

Since opening its first school in Shanghai in 2017, followed by Beijing and Xi'an in 2019, the Dehong family of schools has grown remarkably, enriching the lives of thousands of students. The founding of the Dehong Schools was inspired by the vision of Mr. Yung Wing, the first Chinese-born student to graduate from an American university, Yale. Yung Wing was a pioneer who made it his life's work to encourage the education of future generations of Chinese students, the spirit of which is now reflected in the Dehong commitment to helping students thrive as interculturally confident global citizens. 

Dehong Brand Ambassador and great-grandson of Yung Wing, David Yung, stated, "The Dehong crest reflects all our achievements and accomplishments and at the same time, ushers in an exciting new chapter for our family of schools. The founding of Dehong was based on the vision passed down by my great-grandfather and education pioneer Yung Wing to make a positive difference to China and the world. This unique vision and sister school relationship with the Dulwich College International schools has allowed Dehong to evolve into a confident, mature and well-established brand in its own right. This crest opens a new chapter in the Dehong book, and together we will continue to pioneer the best in bilingual education, shaping a brighter future for generations to come."