Celebrating the Dulwich Olympiad Singapore 2024

The Dulwich Olympiad Singapore 2024 successfully concluded last week, transforming Dulwich College (Singapore) into a bustling hub of Sport, Art, Music and Drama. The eagerly anticipated once-every-four-years event saw over 1,000 students from across our family of schools around the world converge in Singapore for a five-day extravaganza from March 18 to March 22.

The Dulwich Olympiad, with previous iterations in Beijing, London and now Singapore, continues to inspire and connect students across borders and around the world, fostering a sense of global community. Let’s take a look back at this triumph of athletic, artistic, and musical achievement!

Opening Ceremony


The beginning of the Dulwich Olympiad was marked by a grand Opening Ceremony, a highlight of which was the entrance of flag-bearing Olympians representing their respective schools. Elevated by a spectacular showcase of Singapore's cultural heritage, the ceremony featured diverse performances, including Malay and Peranakan dances, a Lion Dance by Team Yun Long Guan, and a captivating dance by the Dulwich Dance Company, perfectly capturing the spirit of unity and celebration that defines the Olympiad.

Art & Design


The Art & Design pathway saw students engaging in dynamic activities across Singapore, from photo walks capturing the city's iconic landmarks, to immersive workshops with local artists and designers. The city exploration immersed the students in Singapore's unique urban landscape, capturing its architectural beauty and vibrant culture. 

Students had plenty of opportunity to collaborate and learn from both local and international Singapore-based artists, where they delved into textile art in Deborah McKeller's studio, then explored material manipulation with Concrete Everything while crafting unique lamps. Midweek, the collaboration with artist Rippleroot at The Greenhouse wove students' observations into a communal canvas, reflecting Singapore's skyline.

On the last day of the Olympiad, the students presented an astounding number of artistic works to the community, transforming the Performing Arts Centre into a cornucopia of colour!

Performing Arts


The Performing Arts students embarked on a cultural tour that explored Singapore's rich theatre scene, beginning with an exclusive backstage visit to the Royal Shakespeare Company’s production of “Matilda” at Marina Bay Sands Theatre, followed by taking in an award-winning drama "Falling" staged by local theatre company Pangdemonium. This immersive experience offered students a break from rehearsals and a deep dive into professional productions, setting the stage for their own performances.

A highlight of the week was the collaborative rendition of Homer’s The Odyssey. This ambitious project was jointly presented by students from different schools, blending together various cultural influences into a fresh, captivating narrative. Each school was given a section of the play to recreate, leading to artist interpretations of the classic that left the audience mesmerized.



The Swimming Gala kicked off the entire Games with gusto at the Yip Pin Xiu Aquatic Centre, setting a vibrant and spirited tone for the rest of the week, a showcase of athleticism and sportsmanship that was made all the more exciting by the electric atmosphere and the roar of cheering spectators.

Subsequent days saw the College's sports halls and fields bustling with energy as students competed in various sports including badminton, football, and basketball. The Nicholson Sports Hall became the centre of excitement, especially during the basketball matches, showcasing the dedication and passion of the student athletes.

The entire college community, including younger students, parents and volunteers, rallied behind the athletes, creating an encouraging and lively environment. This collective support underscored the values of determination, courage, skill, and graciousness, leaving an indelible mark on all participants and spectators alike.

In between the intensity of the games, the athletes were given a well-deserved break as they explored Singapore, combining competition with cultural enrichment. Their visit to the marina and the Supertree Observatory in Gardens by the Bay, capped off with a fabulous light show, was the perfect opportunity for the students to bond with each other beyond the sporting grounds.



The Music pathway provided the unforgettable soundtrack to the Olympiad. Throughout the week, captivating performances mesmerized audiences. The London Music Showcase on the second day at The Greenhouse Auditorium presented a diverse repertoire from Dulwich College in London and James Allen's Girls’ School. Later in the week, the stunning Evening Musical Showcase featured the first joint performance between Dulwich College (Singapore), Dulwich College, and James Allen's Girls' School.

The week culminated in a Student Gala Concert in the Alleyn Theatre, where 143 musicians performed together under guest conductors from the UK and USA. The sounds of a full orchestra together with the choir moved the audience to tears as they listened to classics such as TaReKiTa by Reena Esmail, Mars & Jupiter by Holst and the Vaughn Williams classic Let All The World in Every Corner Sing – a fitting way to close the gala as the curtain began to fall on an astonishing week of exceptional talent.

Networking of Alumni


During the Olympiad, senior leaders of EiM and the Colleges also hosted a Global Alumni Dinner at the Singapore Cricket Club with the Worldwise Alumni Network. Over 100 Dulwich alums enjoyed an evening of networking and were celebrated by the attendees, including Karen Yung, Founder and Chief Collaboration Officer at EiM, Dr Joe Spence, Master of Dulwich College in London, and Nick Magnus, Head of Dulwich College Singapore.


Next stop: Shanghai!


At the Closing Ceremony of the Dulwich Olympiad, Nick Magnus, Head of Dulwich College (Singapore) made the highly anticipated announcement – the next Olympiad, to be hosted in 2027, will be held in the city of Shanghai! Co-hosted by Dulwich College Shanghai Puxi and Dulwich College Shanghai Pudong, the next Dulwich Olympiad promises another life-changing week of learning, growing and Living Worldwise. 


The week of the Dulwich Olympiad Singapore 2024 was surely a once-in-a-lifetime experience for all participants, testing their skills, knowledge and building up their competitive and collaborative spirit. With just three short years ahead until the excitement of the next Olympiad, we will see you all in Shanghai!