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Dehong International Chinese Schools are designed for Chinese students and offer an academic programme comprising of the Chinese compulsory curriculum combined with the Dulwich College International educational philosophy and pedagogy. 

The name Dehong is made up from the elements of Dewei (the Chinese name of Dulwich) and ‘the father of Chinese overseas students’ Rong Hong (Yung Wing), who is the first-known Chinese student to have graduated from Yale College. He was also a pioneer in supporting Chinese children to study in the United States to reform the country. Additionally, a descendant of Rong Hong (Yung Wing) co-founded Dulwich International College.

Dehong aims to develop citizens of the world who understand traditional Chinese culture and are nurtured to develop an open, inclusive mentality.  The teachers in Dehong International Chinese schools come from multicultural backgrounds and bring rich teaching experiences.  Our core beliefs are that “students come first- they benefit from holistic education”.

The students in Dehong will receive a holistic education which will enable them to become bi-lingual, bi-literate and bi-cultural global citizens. Dehong students will be able to participate in and benefit from the group activities and resources of the DCI network of schools. 

Dehong Beijing International Chinese School opened its doors on September 2nd, 2019 in Grasse Town, Tongzhou District, Beijing. This is the second Dehong opened by Dehong in China. The first Dehong school opened in Shanghai in 2017 and has become very popular with parents with parents’ satisfaction rate reached 95%. Though Dehong Beijing is a new school, it was built a mature system. 

Dehong Beijing currently has students in elementary school,and will open more grades once the main campus begins in 2021.  


Tel: 010-8083 6983

WeChat Official Account:  Dehong_Beijing

Admissions Criteria

Age Placement Guide

Admission Procedures

G1 Students

  • Submit the application form
  • Arrange the students 'Observation Day'
  • Arrange the parents meeting
  • XUEJI Period
  • Issue of the formal students offer
  • Pay the Tuition fee and other relevant fees
  • Students onboard

Transfer Students

  • Submit the application form
  • Arrange for the students to take the assessment
  • Half-day learning experience + Parents meeting
  • Issue of the offer
  • XUEJI Period
  • Pay the tuition fee and other relevant fees
  • Students onboard


Tuition Fee


Frequently Asked Questions

Below are a number of questions that our families often ask members of our admissions team.

Currently, we have two methods:

1. 'Dehong_Beijing' Wechat Public Platform

     Applicants should follow our Wechat public platform, and choose the Admission section to complete the application form.

2. Dehong Official website

    Applicants who wish to apply should complete the online application form at

Currently, Dehong Beijing cannot accept foreign students, we admit Chinese national students who must comply with the Beijing Municipal Education Commission requirements.  (XUEJI Policy)

  • Dehong Beijing is located in Grassetown, No.2 Bifu Road, Tongzhou district of Beijing.
  • Optional school bus transportation service is available from several key locations around Beijing for an additional charge.

School lunches and snacks at Dehong Beijing are provided by our caterer, Sodexo services, on our campus.

A school nurse is provided by United Family Hospital.

Dehong Beijing provides school uniforms for all seasons.

Application Form

If you would like to apply for Dehong, please click the Student Information Collection Form below and fill in the form online. Dehong Admissions will contact you once the form was submitted.

Yung Wing Scholarships


Mr. Yung Wing (Rong Hong),the ‘Father of Chinese Overseas Students’ , once said: “ I was determined that the rising generation of China should enjoy the same educational advantages that I had enjoyed; that through western education China might be regenerated, become enlightened and powerful.” To carry on Mr. Yung’s pioneering spirit and patriotic sentiments, and his long-cherished wish to propel China through education, Dehong has established the “Yung Wing Scholarships", which aims to inspire more young people in China to pursue their dreams and academic aspirations and helps shape them into future leaders who will spearhead the development of China and even the world.

The "Yung Wing Scholarships" established by Dehong includes the "Dehong Scholar Award" and the "Yung Wing Scholar Award", which target students at high school and university levels, respectively:

  •  "Dehong Scholar Award" is open to students who apply to become first or second-year students at Dehong High School. It covers the tuition fees for studying at Dehong High School every year until graduation. Students who receive the Dehong Scholar Award should not only exhibit outstanding academic capability and good conduct, but also outstanding team spirit and leadership skills. At the same time, the school will also give personalised university counselling and support for the scholarship recipients to help them apply to leading universities in the world.
  •  The "Yung Wing Scholar Award" aims to commend the Dehong High School graduates who best embody the Yung Wing Spirit. The award will cover the university tuition for up to 4 years and support these students to further their studies in the world's top universities.

About "Dehong Scholar Award"

  • Open to students applying for entry to G10 and G11 in September 2022
  • One-time award in order to complete your schooling in Dehong High School
  • The final candidate will be decided by the Dehong Scholarship Committee

Application Procedure

    If you are applying for Dehong Grade 10,

  • Stage 1: Complete Scholarship Application Form and provide application materials (personal statement and proof for academic excellence, etc.)
  • Stage 2: In-School Preliminary Assessment Activities, including CAT4 and individual interview
  • Stage 3: In-School Final Assessment Activities, including group discussion in English/Chinese

    If you are applying for Dehong Grade 11,

  • Stage 1: Complete Scholarship Application Form and provide application materials (personal statement and proof for academic excellence, etc.)
  • Stage 2: In-School Preliminary Assessment Activities, including CAT4 and individual interview
  • Stage 3: In-School Final Assessment Activities 
    • Day 1: Chinese A, English A/B and group discussion in English
    • Day 2: Mathematics, one IBDP subject assessment based on subject interest

Application Materials

  • Scholarship Application Form, including personal information, education background, academic results, IBDP subject interest, etc.
  • Zhongkao results or first mock Zhongkao transcript or proof for academic excellence
  • Valid IELTS (academic) score(≥6.0)/ TOEFL equivalent score
  • Personal statement in English within 500 words

Please click and download the "Scholarship Application Form" above. Complete and send it along with the relevant materials to If you have any questions during the process, please call the Admission Office: 010-8083 6983.